We take part in UAB's Translation Technologies Master's Jornada Pont

As we've done for several years now Raúl Requena, our Operations Director, and Stefania Romano, our Vendor Manager, went to the UAB's Translation Technologies Master's Jornada Pont yesterday, to share experiences with students who've recently graduated. The event is something of a closing ceremony for the course, and brings students closer to the world of work they'll shortly be joining - all in a much more relaxed and informal setting than an official job interview might be.

In the days leading up to the event, participating companies told of any vacancies they had, and the types of candidate profiles they're looking for, as well as any requirements and tests where necessary. Yesterday, students preselected by AT Language Solutions were given the opportunity to talk to our Operations Department representatives to apply for the role of Assistant Project Manager.

“We like taking part in this event as it gives us the chance to evaluate whether what we offer is in line with market demands, and helps us stay up-to-date with the latest translation tools", said Romano. Requena also added that "students' professional qualifications and the excellent training this Master's gives has led to AT covering three vacancies in the past, including the role of Vendor Manager which didn't previously exist, and came about from taking on one of these candidates. As we see it, participating in this event has contributed a lot to the company's growth".

We'd like to thank the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Translation Technologies Master's for inviting us to take part in the event, and we hope we can continue to collaborate with the institution in the future.


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