We are launching ATS Cloud, our new machine translation service

ATS Cloud

AT Language Solutions has developed a new machine translation service using its own technology to permit companies to manage and translate content in just a few seconds. Why should you choose our tool? Let's take a look. Our automatic translation service, ATS Cloud, boasts 99% accuracy for a large portion of language combinations and allows companies to instantly translate any type of document or online text and immediately obtain a quality result. Thanks to this tool, companies can save time on automatic translations as the translation is available in just a few seconds, and with much higher quality than Google Translate or DeepL.

ATS Cloud has been designed so that several users from a same company can do machine translations from within a same environment, in a simple, manageable and cost-saving process.

How do I translate with ATS Cloud?

In order to translate content, the user needs to create an administrator account in the tool; once inside, the user can register as many users as the company wishes. Users must be registered via email under the same domain. Once registered, the different users can access a dashboard where ATS Cloud them will allow them to:

Translate texts online

The translation will be done via text boxes, similar to the system used by Google. To do so, enter the text you want to translate, select the source language and the target language and click “Translate”. The translations will appear automatically in the other box.

Translate documents

The tool can translate any type of document, as we accept several formats at AT Language Solutions. To obtain the translation, upload the source document, select the source and the target language and click on "Translate". After a few seconds, the translated document will be downloaded automatically in the same format.

Other machine translation tools offer cloud translation, which makes it difficult to directly download the document in the same file format as the original. ATS Cloud is different from other tools because it provides the translated document in the same format as the original copy and always keeps format markings (bold, italics, etc.).

At AT Language Solutions, we continue developing translation services using the most advanced technology. We offer our clients customised solutions in order to streamline and optimise their translation processes.

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