Translation Services accepts payment in 16 currencies

AT Translation Services

Over the last few days, the development team at AT Translation Services has been working to offer our international customers the possibility to make purchases using their local currency. As a result, clients can now pay for translation services in 16 currencies, including some of the world's most common (roubles, Australian, Canadian and American dollars), as well as currencies from emerging markets where language services are required (yuan, yen, Qatari riyal and Emirates dirham). When selecting a currency other than the euro, our online translation platform will instantly convert the currency using the current exchange rate, thus giving a final customised price for the translation service. Exchange rates are updated hourly. Currently, the payment gateway, Redsýs, allows payment in all available currencies using a credit or debit card. These operations also are possible using the PayPal payment platform, excluding yuan, dirham and Saudi and Qatari real, which are not yet accepted currencies in PayPal. Furthermore, all customers who need a budget drawn up for a manual translation can request a quote in their currency.

With this new implementation, we hope that our international users will enjoy a better purchasing experience and that they feel closer to our application, helping them to understand the real price of a professional translation.

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