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In recent weeks we've talked about the importance of reflecting a good brand image. The website's display window is just as important as the one of a bricks and mortar shop; both are the main portals through which your business' sales will be generated. The company's image is not only focused on the website or the establishment; many companies use a multi-channel strategy to connect the different channels and ensure that the customer obtains the same result, regardless of the way they access it. Social media are some of the most common channels used to interact with customers. Depending on the needs of the business, one medium or another is used, but there is one that has been the favourite of companies for years: LinkedIn. Besides being an employment portal, LinkedIn is a tool for sharing content and communicating with the user; anyone interested in the information being transmitted will visit your profile and from there access your website. The image you reflect in your profile offers much important information. If you have adapted it to several languages, you will be offering the customer added value that will help you gain their trust. Today we'll talk about the benefits that translating your LinkedIn profile brings to your business.


Advantages of translating your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the network par excellence for professional relationships. Being part of that platform offers many advantages for both individuals and companies. As an individual, it offers you the opportunity to expand your circle of contacts by connecting with old and new work colleagues who can open doors to new job opportunities. You can increase your chances of successfully applying for a job offer if you have contacts in common.

For companies, it not only acts as a catalyst to find candidates for job postings, but also offers many possibilities depending on the company's objective:

  • Positioning in Google. This is usually one of the main objectives of any company. Appearing at the top of the list in the search engine is not an easy task and is achieved in two ways: By hiring a SEO specialist and devoting a lot of time or money to sponsored ads, highlighting keywords or search terms relevant to your business. One of the advantages of having your LinkedIn profile translated into several languages is that you can expand the range of words through which potential customers can find your business. That way you have more chances of appearing in the search engine than if you only have one language.


  • International market. Another frequent goal is to expand your market and give your brand greater international recognition. Having your LinkedIn profile translated into your target audience's language means that every time a user enters the profile from their interface in their country, it will appear in their native language. This increases a potential customer's interest, as it appears directly in their own language and is likely to generate more interest in your brand.


  • Customer communication LinkedIn is much more than a job posting site; most companies use it as a communication tool to build relationships with their customers and to share relevant information. The content shown on the platform is usually related to industry news, special offers, promotions of interest, links to the company's blog and much more. If you are able to establish that relationship, the customer will take an interest in your brand and is more likely to visit your profile and, as a result, your website. If both the content and the profile shown on LinkedIn are in their language, you will achieve more interaction with the user.


Contracting a specialized translation agency

Now you've seen the advantages of having your LinkedIn business profile translated, it's time to get down to work. It's no use having a good biography and description in your profile if it's not well translated. Anything displayed to the public on this platform can have either a positive or a negative impact. The slightest error in translation can harm your brand image and even result in consequences such as the loss of users and customers.

At AT Language Solutions we have more than twenty years experience in the translation sector. We have the necessary experience to undertake this type of project and a portfolio of over 8,000 certified translators specialized in their sector. Get in touch with us and explain your company's needs. Our team will contact you and offer you the best solution.



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