Professional translation for the property sector

Translation for the Property sector

There is an increasing demand from companies and individuals looking for property abroad and this is where translation is important as an ally in the property sector. What are the specific requirements for translation in the property sector and which type of translations are the most requested?

Due to the increase in property investment abroad, many real estate companies have started to translate all the information they publish with the aim of facilitating access for potential customers and achieving a good SEO in the target market.

As we discussed in a previous post, translation in the hotel sector requires specialised translation. This is also the case in the real estate sector. In the same way that specialisation varies according to the sector, the languages into which content in the real estate sector is translated are also varied. This is a highly volatile sector as it depends on demand and for this reason the need for different languages also varies. In Spain, for example, the most used language in the real estate sector is, as expected, English, followed by German and French. Other languages such as Russian, Chinese or Arabic are also important in the Spanish property market.

Which type of translations are the most common in the real estate sector?

This sector requires translations of various types of content, such as corporate, legal and commercial content. Let's look at some examples of content that may require translation:

  • Website content: it is necessary to translate all the information that appears on the website of a real estate agent so that target users can read the information in their own language. This increases the chance of attracting a buyer's attention and making a sale.
  • Information on services: all types of information formats of a company must be translated as well as information on its experience in the sector.
  • Description of property: likewise, a description of all the property available must be translated so that clients receive all the information in their own language. If this content is not correctly adapted and translated, clients may look elsewhere to purchase a property.
  • Promotional adverts: all advertising must also be translated in order to attract the attention of potential clients.
  • Legal documentation: it is essential that this information is translated by professionals as it concerns important documents such as sales or lease contracts, tenders, etc.
  • Internal presentations to clients: this type of document is often a letter of presentation of a real estate company. Therefore, presentations must be translated into several languages taking into account the target user.
  • Press releases: with the aim of increasing market visibility, a real estate company should report news in several languages.

Such a variety of content involves a variety of translation types, such as interpretation, sworn translations and website translation, all of which must be adapted to very specific cultural requirements. These translations should be put in the hands of professional translators to ensure that, for example, the information on the description of the property encourages clients to buy. This is also the case with legal documentation including contracts, tenders, etc., which should generate trust and security for a client.

When adapting the content to each market, a translator must take great care with terminology and always keep in mind the target user, as it could be a client with a high purchasing power. Thus, great care must be taken with communications with clients; keep in mind, however, that in the case of clients with high purchasing power the translator should have a good knowledge of the peculiarities of the market regarding the sale of luxury products and also know the best way to address this type of client.

In a sector such as the property sector, in which a large variety of legal content and monetary amounts are involved, a professional translation service is highly recommended.

What about you? Have you already hired a professional translation service?