Does translation software reduce costs?

increase productivity translation software

Saving on translation costs while maintaining quality levels is possible thanks to translation software with advanced features that optimise the website translation process. Let's take a look at the advantages of this type of software. Take note!

Agility in project management

Needless to say, translating web content by copying and pasting text directly from a content management system can be time-consuming and lead to certain translation errors. This handicap can be avoided by using translation software which carries out the translation process automatically, thereby preventing possible errors in the translation.

Once good translation software has been configured to the requirements of each particular company, it requires little or no maintenance. The software detects new content as soon as it is published and carries out the corresponding translation. In this way, the website owner can rest assured that the different language versions of the website match up. The software performs an initial machine translation and allows for subsequent editing to modify possible errors or expressions. In addition, you can request a professional translator to proofread the translation.

Translating in a single environment

Most website translation software is compatible with content management systems and ecommerce platforms. This means that a company can continue to use same CMS to manage the website and also view its translated versions without the need for any programming or integration since everything is done using the same software.

A good example is our translation software AT WebsiteTranslator.This software is compatible with any content management system and displays the original website content and the translated content in a dual screen to facilitate comparison and editing.

Translating in context

One of the obstacles faced by a translator during the translation process is not knowing the context of the content. Often, translators work with tools that enable them to translate by segments, which makes it difficult to produce a homogenous and quality translation.

This also affects the time needed to complete a translation, as having to search for and interpret the context of each segment requires even more time. Problems of this type can be avoided by using translation software because the full text to be translated is displayed on the screen at all times.

Avoid duplications in translations

One of the key features of website translation software is that they permit the import of translation memories. The main aim is to reduce the volume of translations and save on translation costs. Let's imagine that the content of a website has already been translated and, at some point in the future, new content is created; if the new content matches the content stored in the memory, the software automatically uses the text from the translation memory rather than translating it again.

Companies that opt to translate their website using AT WebsiteTranslator have two options to save on time and costs: 1) use the tool to export the web content and carry out the translation with their own tools or translators, and then import the translations back into the software, or 2), import their translations directly memories into the software.

If are thinking about translating your website, optimise this process and take advantage of the additional features offered by our translation software. Put your trust in AT Language Solutions and our website translation solution!

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