What can you expect from an online translation service?

Online translation service

When companies consider using an online translation service, they are usually looking for a quick solution for translating files: upload the document, receive a quote and scheduled delivery date, validate and pay. And that's it! However, even if you only need to translate a specific document, we recommend choosing a translation company with a solid track record and reliable references.

The advantages of choosing the best translation service

It may be tempting to choose an online translation service that offers the lowest price and the fastest delivery time, but we advise you to consider all the points detailed below before clicking on the "Accept" button:

  • The quality of online translations: it is vital to ensure that the entire translation will be done by a translation professional. Avoid the low-cost options offered by machine translation services. Unless you are going to use it simply to understand a text, the online translation you request has to be done by a professional translator. To be sure of the quality, it is important to put your trust in an online translation service that meets a number of requirements: experience, specialised native translators, customers in the sector and holding an ISO 17100 certification, which is the highest international quality standard for translations.
  • Specialised translators: you will probably have sector-specific terminology that you need to translate to ensure consistent marketing and manage search engine optimisation (SEO). Selecting a specialised online translation option guarantees that the translators who will receive the document or file are trained and have extensive experience in the chosen field. For example, a legal text is not the same as a marketing text. Therefore, choosing a translator who knows the sector-specific terminology inside and out will be essential to having a quality translation.
  • Translations into any language: A good online translation service must be able to translate professionally into any existing language.
  • Large number of documents: translation companies can handle a large number of documents without this having even the slightest impact on the quality or the service. This means you'll be delivered high quality projects, managed efficiently, and within the timescales you've agreed.

What you can expect from an online translation service

The best online translation service must offer transparency and translation delivery options that are tailored to the urgency of the work. It is also very helpful if the translation company relies on technology. This includes:

  • Immediate quote: as soon as you send a document, you should receive an automatic quote that you can approve with a single click.
  • Real-time tracking: emails and phone calls between translators and companies can end up being a huge waste of time and an unnecessary back and forth. An online translation platform must provide real-time tracking of the work so that a customer who requests a translation can check its exact status.
  • Full control: validation workflows by the user, segmentation by business units, departments, cost centres, user hierarchies and a notification system.
  • Real-time reports: to control and monitor costs, jobs, budgets and economic consumption data in detail.
  • Same format: Can you imagine uploading a PowerPoint presentation to an online platform and receiving a completely unformatted document? This would force you to lay it out again, with the time loss this entails. Regardless of the type of editable file you upload to the platform, an online translation service with cutting-edge technology should return the document to you in the same format.

The right online translation service will offer all these options, whether you have one or thousands of documents to translate. Working with the right company opens doors to new international markets, with a quality translation and localisation that will help your company at every level. We can help you with this challenge! Let's talk!




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