Benefits of proxy translation

Translation proxy

The translation proxy is the most widely used option for companies that have websites with dynamic content and do not want to "waste time" in managing translations.

If your company is expanding internationally, your website is probably one of the main marketing concerns, and rightly so. A properly translated, well optimised website, with an optimal user experience, can convert up to 11% of its visitors. For example, if your website has 10,000 visitors a month, you could achieve more than a thousand conversions by professionally translating the website. This is an opportunity that you cannot overlook.

How is a traditional translation?

In short, traditional website translation methods result in internal strain and financial costs.

  • A slow, manual process
  • Potential errors due to file manipulation
  • Email exchanges and waiting times
  • Changes must be synchronised daily
  • Then you have to repeat the whole process for every language!

This is an inefficient process that can lead to errors and a cost overrun.

 What is a translation proxy?

The translation proxy is positioned between the user and the web server, and it translates the visited pages on the fly, providing the original content in the desired languages. It detects new texts and sends them automatically to our human translators. Once the translation has been completed, the proxy publishes translated content in all your website's languages, all SEO optimised.

The translation proxy can be used regardless of the CMS with which the website has been designed. The result is a streamlined, simple and fully optimised user experience. The best proxy solutions offer other advantages. Let's see them!

You only need to create content in a single language

It doesn't matter how much content is generated on your website; with this software, the website will always be up-to-date and translated into all the requested languages. The only thing the user needs to worry about is creating content in one language.

New content is detected and updated automatically

Changes made to the website, such as new or updated content, are detected automatically and sent to professional translators. It's that easy!

Elimination of separate websites

With the translation proxy, there is no need to host and manage websites for each language. That is, you only need one domain; the translation proxy will create the subdomains in the languages you want to translate your website. For example, imagine that your website is; when translated into French via the translation proxy, it becomes

No matter the website's technology or CMS

The translation proxy increases the efficiency of your CMS. In other words, you can add new plug-ins to your CMS, update the design or directly change the CMS, without any of this affecting the performance of the sites translated into other languages. In addition, this technology can be used for payment gateways and private areas.

Marketing speed

The translation proxy moves fast! Reduced time from when Spanish content is published until it is translated and published on the website. Your content is translated for international markets in the blink of an eye. Forget about extracting the content, copying and pasting, etc. This process could take you days (or weeks!).


Quickly and easily scaled for other languages.


The translation proxy does not require any effort on the part of our clients. It is easy to implement, easy to use and requires no maintenance.

The magic solution for translating your website

A "hassle-free" proxy solution: automate the whole process without spending a single minute on management. This eliminates human errors, internal workload and the cost of translations.


So if you want to translate your website professionally and at the highest quality, get in touch! We'll analyse your website and offer you the best option.

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