Which are the most translated websites in the world?

most translated website

Translating a website has become an essential part of a company's internationalisation process. Many websites are translated into one or more languages but, which websites are at the top of the list of the most translated websites?

The most translated website list does not belong to one of the large brands, such as Apple, Microsoft or Adobe. It is, in fact, the website for the Jehovah's Witnesses. This has been translated into more than 1030 languages and dialects, and the translations of this website's publications are carried out instantly so that it reaches users in the right language, as quickly as possible. Translating religious texts into so many languages is not an easy task, as this requires specialised professional translators who are able to transmit the subject matter of religious texts effectively.

Let's have a look at other websites that are also translated into many languages.


This website, created entirely by Internet users, is the second website available in the most languages with over 37 million articles in 287 languages, according to Wikipedia sources. Of course, not all articles are translated into all languages.

Samsung and Apple

Technological websites are also translated. The Samsung website is translated into 166 languages, more than Apple, which offers 125 languages. And, as you can see in the following pictures, Apple adapts its content according to each language. Here is the same content, but published in the Colombian version (left) and the Spanish version (right).

Apple Website Spain

Apple Website Colombia


Google is part of the lives of almost all internet users. Alphabet's Inc. corporation's most prominent web portals are translated into 164 languages. However, a number of secondary websites such as Google Crisis Response or Google Careers can only be found in English.


Facebook is available in 97 languages and the users themselves translate the information via the machine translation system provided by the network. So, if users have a post on their timeline in a language other than their own and they want to translate it, they just have to click on the "Translate" button that appears on the post.

The translation process of Facebook into Spanish was completed in 2008 and it was the first language beyond English that the social network offered.

Aliexpress and Amazon

For e-commerce businesses, the translation of their websites into as many languages as possible is an obvious move. The Aliexpress website is translated into 15 languages, one more than Amazon. Both companies only translate and localise their content in countries into which they have expanded. The translation process was done using machine translation, and the sometimes hilarious translations resulting from this have inevitably gone viral.

Do you know any other websites that are translated into many languages?

If you need to translate your website, hire a professional. A professional translator will translate your website content with the utmost care and give it the importance it deserves.

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