Interview with Karen Aliaga, Key Account Manager at AT


This time, we interviewed Karen Aliaga, our Key Account Manager. She is a key piece in the AT puzzle, as she is in charge of managing relationships with our key clients. In addition to her great professionalism, Karen is a person who cares a lot about others. She is very outgoing, positive and is always up for a glass of wine after work. It would be impossible to imagine the Barcelona office without Karen!

When did you begin working at AT Language Solutions?

In December 2015.

Tell us about the work you do.

I am responsible for managing and maintaining the relationships with key AT customers, which are large and/or medium-sized companies for whom multilingual communication is essential for their business. In coordination with the AT Operations team, we help them to provide solutions for their multilingual needs, analysing the solutions that best suit their particular situation.

What do you like most about your work?

The relationships with people and clients, without a doubt. Every client, every project is a world of its own, and I get the opportunity to learn from them and with them every day.

What do you like least?

There are some tasks are not up to me, but that reflect on my day-to-day work, and coordinating it all can become a bit of a lottery.

What is the most significant challenge you have had to face at AT Language Solutions?

The most difficult thing for me was opening myself up to other profiles and people who are not used to customer relationships. In other words, profiles that are more technical rather than focused on customer service. It was not easy because we have totally different perceptions and priorities, but I have learned a lot from them. Challenge overcome!

What do you think makes AT stand out from the competition?

We have the capacity to adapt to the needs of the client, so each project is unique and important. Thanks to the involvement and professionalism of the entire team, we are always striving for excellence in everything we do. Furthermore, AT is constantly innovating. We create our own technology to improve our own experience and that of our clients.

Without meaning to be too nosey, can you tell us something interesting about yourself? Give us some insight into your personal life.

I am restless and, if I'm honest, I get quite bored with routine, so I like to do many different activities in my spare time: Walking, travelling, going to the gym, doing yoga, photography, refurbishing furniture, reading or a good chat over a glass of wine are some of the ways I like to spend my free time.

Quickfire questions

Karen, when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher.

You are granted one wish to travel anywhere you want. Where would you go?

Back in time to the 1940s.

A book you couldn't do without?

"Travesuras de la niña mala" ("The Bad Girl") by Mario Vargas Llosa.

A dish you never get tired of.


Your favourite television series.

"Frasier", Friends" and "Breaking Bad".

A film that left an impression on you.

"Life is Beautiful" and "The Truman Show".

You love...

Kindness, knowing how to handle oneself and people who are positive.

You cannot stand...

Guises, pretentious people and negative people.

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