Implementation of the GDPR and its translation

translation GDPR what will happen

Users increasingly share personal information with companies and this makes it vital to have up-to-date data protection rules. For this reason, we will talk to you today about the new GDPR law (formerly the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW), that will regulate the use of our data in order to guarantee security for users. Let's see what it consists of!

Users are increasingly aware of how brands use their data for marketing and sales pruposes and are beginning to know their rights in this regard and are experts in the threat posed by the cybernetic theft of data. To avoid any kind of abuse by companies, the Europea Union's new data protection regulations, known as General Data Protection Regulations will come into force this year. These regulations renew the previous ones which did not provide for the complexity of the present digital environment , and must be complied with by all companies that handle data on European citizens .

What sanctions will be applied if the principles of GDPR are broken? 

One of the aspects that most concerns companies is the severe sanctions planned for non-compliance with these new regulations. The GDPR provides for the imposition of fines of up to 20 million euros . This figure will be reserved for serious violations of the regulations such as, for example, not obtaining a user's consent to handle their details. In addition, there will be lower fines for not carrying out subsequent damage control, among many other issues.

From now on, marketing departments will have to thoroughly revise their strategies to ensure that their campaigns based on data, social networks or using newsletters do not break the law. These are, without doubt, new regulations that involve an increase in personal privacy rights and an increase in data protection obligations in an increasingly connected world.

As this standard affects any company with European users' details, they must be correctly translated into the languages of the latter. And, also, when the regulations are implemented on multilingual web sites, they must be translated into those languages into which the actual website is translated.

How about yourself? Have you already implemented these new regulations in your company?

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