Introducing AT-HUB, a translation management platform

managing translations

Do you need efficient translation management? In the translation world, orders are frequently handled via email. What does that mean? The client sends a document to the translation company, the project manager sends a quote, the client confirms the order, the project manager requests additional information from the client and, finally, the project manager sends the translated document back to the client. In other words, a minimum of 5 emails go backwards and forwards between the project manager and the client. When companies are doing this regularly, handling things this way can be really tedious and brings little added value - the time invested by the end of the week could be several hours.

In order to help our clients reduce these management costs, and spend their time on things that actually add value, we've created AT-HUB; a corporate platform you can use to request and monitor translation orders which dramatically reduces these management costs.

Its operation and structure are fully configurable and customisable; furthermore, AT-HUB is designed to meet the needs of both large companies and SMEs. Its intuitive and visual interface enables users to set work in motion instantly, as well as search and generate reports to monitor projects and control costs; all in real time. It also offers complete traceability at all levels.

AT-HUB translation process

  1. We receive the translation request from the client via AT-HUB along with the basic order information: level of urgency, languages, document format, etc.
  2. The translator does the translation then sends it to the project manager.
  3. The project manager carries out the final quality check, paying particular attention to the client's preferences, any specific requests for the project, uniformity between languages and the delivery format.
  4. The project manager sends the translation to the requesting client via the HUB.

Advantages of using AT-HUB to manage translations

As well as removing the need for unnecessary emails between the user and the translator, AT-HUB has a number of advantages for our clients:



Everything in one platform! It just allows one or unlimited users from the same company to send, request, receive, validate and manage files for translation - easily and intuitively.


Validation workflows, segmentation by business units, departments, cost centres, user hierarchies and a notification system.


Immediate budgets, speedy execution and delivery. Displays all orders, original/translated files are downloadable from the platform, order status monitoring and delivery times.


Users and supervisors can generate real-time reports to control and monitor costs, projects, quotes and spending data in detail. Customisable permissions for each user.



Regardless of the type of editable file you upload to the platform, AT-HUB will return the document to you in the same format (.ppt, .xls, .doc, .csv, .html, .txt, .json, .xliff, etc.).


Communications between our clients and AT Language Solutions are encrypted and secured through AT-HUB.

In short, all you need to worry about is uploading documents to the AT-HUB platform; we'll take care of the rest!

Want to see a demo? Click here!

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