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UPF Translation

On 5 December the Operations Director of AT Language Solutions, Raúl Requena, gave a conference on career opportunities for the students of Translation and Interpretation and about some relevant matters of the day to day of an operations department .

A question asked by all students approaching the end of their university studies is which path should they choose in their career as professionals. Raúl Requena discussed this with the students of the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. He also spoke about other matters involved in the running of an operations department, such as how to search for and recruit translators and proofreaders for a company's network of professional translators.

UPF Translation

He also discussed the various types of qualifications required in his department. Career opportunities for students of translation and interpretation are diverse and not just limited to translation. Jobs such as project manager, computational linguist, vendor manager and proofreader are also available. Raúl also spoke about how AT Language Solutions has created its operations department and the characteristics that the company most values when recruiting new professionals to join its team.

He ended by giving an account of the daily activities of an operations department such as that at AT Language Solutions. He described how a translation project is managed, offered examples of the type of incidents that arise from the time of request for a translation until the time of delivery to the client, and spoke about other important aspects from the perspective of a project manager, such as the importance of direct contact with the client and with the translator to which a project is assigned.

AT Language Solutions would like to thank Universitat Pompeu Fabra for allowing us to give this seminar to its students and we hope they found it useful for their future careers.

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