The 3 most common errors when hiring translation services

translation services errors

The translation process shouldn't be taken lightly: a bad translation could have a negative impact on your international customers in terms of sales and brand perception.

Languages are complex and each one has its own peculiarities and cultural nuances, so much so that two words that look similar could have completely different meanings. For example, Pepsi's well-known slogan in 1963, “Come alive with Pepsi”, was translated literally from English for the Chinese public, resulting in a controversial meaning: “Pepsi will revive your ancestors”. This misused nuance in meaning caused a significant drop in sales in Taiwan.

Hiring a highly-specialised translation company is a must if you want to avoid situations like this and provide an optimum linguistic experience for your international customers. For this reason, we've compiled the three most common errors that must be avoided when hiring a translation company:

  1. Not comparing different companies before hiring translation services

When it comes to translation, don't skimp on time or resources if you want to find the best choice available on the market. The most effective method is to request references from the clients of companies you've preselected, as well as ask them about their level of professionalism, the quality of their deliverables and their compliance with delivery periods.

  1. Choosing the cheapest option

Some companies find it irresistible to opt for the most affordable option when hiring translation services. This usually ends in translations that are full of errors and, therefore, a major frustration for the client.  Making certain the service provider company has experienced, quality-certified professionals reduces the risk of receiving mediocre translations.

  1. Not knowing which text formats are to be translated

Many companies hire translation services without disclosing their specific format needs. Is it only text? Or is it text integrated in a video, image or chart? Knowing these types of details helps to set realistic delivery times and makes the process much more efficient.

Now that you know which aspects to take into account when hiring professional translators, you should know that there are also services that enable you to translate your website into any language in just a few minutes, like our AT Website Translator tool. This way, you can quickly enter the international market.

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