What services do translation companies provide?

Translation company

In today's globalised world almost all companies have an international presence. Sometimes, passing on the same message in different languages can give you the edge over the competition; but when the translation is not as expected in terms of quality, it can really damage your company's image. Using a professional translation company is the answer to ensuring your message is perfectly adapted to your target market.

At AT Language Solutions you get the benefit of an online translation management platform. What's more, we work with 8,000 native professional translators who can work on translations in all fields, from general to specialist areas.


A key factor for translation companies: quality 

Using a free machine translator for your business content could trip you up when it comes to attracting potential customers - the end result could be too literal and not adapted to the context. If you want to translate professional documents or websites, it's incredibly important to get an actual human to work on it: they can make your text more coherent and easy to understand.

To get this essential human input you should always work with professionals who have experience in your field, who can also work on your project in an agile and efficient way. In this respect, AT Language Solutions holds the most stringent international quality certification, ISO 17100:2015.

The benefits of working with a translation company

If you opt for a translation company rather than a freelancer or machine translator, you get the following advantages:


Specialised translators

Translation companies work with native translators who specialise in various fields. Here at AT Language Solutions, our translators specialise in the following fields for example:

  • Financial translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Legal translation
  • SEO translation
  • Transcreation
  • Medical translation
  • Fashion translation
  • Technical translation
  • Tourism translation


Translations into any language

How can translation companies offer translations in so many different languages? Having translators located all around the world means we can take on translations into any existing language in both directions. At AT Language Solutions we can translate 4,500 different language combinations!


Maximum quality

In a translation company, each stage of your project will be handled by a professional, ensuring the project meets the client's needs, and quality control procedures are in place to guarantee optimum results. This is why you should always check a company has international certifications in place, which can guarantee the quality of their translations and processes.


Time saving

As well as excellent professionals and service quality, translation companies can offer speed and diligence when delivering your projects, adapted to the level of urgency required.


A translation company can take on large volumes of work

Translation agencies can handle a large number of documents without having even the slightest impact on quality or service. This means you'll be delivered high quality projects, managed efficiently, and within the timescales you've agreed.


At AT Language Solutions, we're backed up by our 20 years' experience in the translation sector. We currently have 1,000 active customers, and they're our finest ambassadors. Let's chat?

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