Key factors when choosing a good translation company

a good translation company

Do you want to translate your website but you don't know any translators? Do you need some type of certified translation and you don't know who to go to? Don't worry! It's common not to know which translation company to trust or which to turn to. Today we explain the key to finding a good translation company without losing your mind!

There are tons of agencies on the internet that provide translations of documents, websites or almost of any type of content. However, not all are reliable and not all provide the service that is expected of them.

In this article, we'll give you some basic tips so that you can choose a translation agency without fearing you've made the wrong choice.

  1. Choose a translation company that has a physical location for its office and a contact phone number. Be wary of companies that don't provide a clear contact number or that only appear to be a website with no reliable physical address. There are many “online translation websites” that will have no problem in “disappearing”.
  2. Don't choose the cheapest price. As a general rule with translation companies, the price is fixed and definite and calculated by the number of words, the complexity of the translation or the number of hours that it requires. Choosing the cheapest price may take away from the quality of your translation; remember, as with all work, a good translation requires time and effort.
  3. Track record and customer service. There are two more points to consider. On the one hand, look at how many years of experience the translation companies have. Have they just started? Have they been in business for a long time? On the other hand, you should also consider the attention received, the information they provided you, their transparency, the impression you come away with, etc.
  4. Make sure they use quality translators. Find out if they have a seal of quality that endorses their work. In the translation world, the ISO 17100 is the foremost certification for translation services.
  5. Take a glance at their previous work and their reputation. While it's true that we can't trust everything on the internet, sometimes reading opinions about a service can help us decide to opt for the work of one company or another. So make sure to research their previous work and their experience with other companies in your sector. The choice is yours!

These are 5 relatively simple tricks that are easy to implement and can clear up any questions or predicaments you might encounter. By the way, AT possesses the ISO 17100, which few translation companies can also say. Take a look at our services!