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Common Sense Advisory

We are proud to announce our presence in the annual market study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory (CSA). The 13th edition of the CSA ranking places AT Solutions among the fastest growing translation services providers between 2015 and 2016.

This new edition sets forth the most relevant details on companies in the sector, with a varying revenues, specialities and geographical localisations, which offer translation services and, in some cases, technology. The study contains several rankings, on topics such as the growth rate of the industry or the performance of translation service providers.

Another ranking compiles information on the fastest-growing translation service providers between 2015 and 2016, among which AT Language Solutions stands in fifth place. All our work and investment in the improvement and development of new solutions has paid off. This encourages us even more to become a point of reference in the market and offer the highest quality translation solutions to B2B companies.

The following table shows the positions occupied by the five leading companies in the CSA report.

LSP 2015-2016

Why did these companies grow much faster than the world's average?

  • Takeovers. Takeovers played a significant role for several companies on the list.
  • More effective sales. The total volume of sales by companies is another differentiating factor.
  • Investment in business growth and service differentiation. The reason why AT Language Solutions has earned its position in the ranking is thanks to the hard work carried out over the last few years to make the translation and technical solutions company a B2B target. We have achieved this by means of the development, among other solutions, of our own online translation platforms, AT Translation Services and AT Website Translator, designed to translate documents and websites, respectively, and an investment in technology to develop specific translation solutions for OpenText and other content managers, such as WordPress.

AT Language Solutions continues to grow, and we would like to like to thank Common Sense Advisory for carrying out this type of study that recognises the work by companies in the translation sector.

At Language Solutions is still growing!

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