Our translation service is compatible with Crowdin


At AT Language Solutions we're continuing to move forward as a company specialised in translation technology solutions. We now offer our translation services to companies that use the Crowdin localisation platform.

Crowdin is a translation management tool for project developers and owners of websites, apps, software, video games and all types of projects. This platform allows you to translate projects into multiple languages. You just have to create a project, upload the files to be translated and select the target languages. This is done using an intuitive, user-friendly interface

The platform has over one million users and offers various fee plans, from personal plans to company plans. The maximum limit of projects permitted varies in all these plans, although there is no limit to the number of languages or participants. The platform also offers users a trial period of 10 days.

How do we translate projects in Crowdin?

At AT Language Solutions, we are happy to work with and develop all types of translation technology solutions, regardless of the platform. In this case, we have done this for Crowdin, a platform in which we already offer our translation services .

If one of our clients uses this type of platform, we can now download the documents they have previously uploaded to the platform and that they wish to translate. This way, after analysing the content to be translated in order to achieve the best quality, we assign it to the professional translator or translators according to the language and the level of specialisation required.

Once the document to be translated has been assigned to our translators and the translation is finished, the team at AT Language Solutions uploads the translated documents to Crowdin in order to make the translations available for our clients.

In the next picture we see the dashboard that our translators see when they download the source content and upload the translations to the platform.


We are currently working on a technology solution that involves the creation of an interface to integrate the two environments, the Crowdin localisation platform and our translation service . This step is designed for users of this platform to translate their content in a much more dynamic and direct way, saving time and improving the workflow of the translation process.

What about you? Do you use Crowdin to manage your project? Contact us to translate your website content.

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