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ATLS, a Spanish company with its headquarters in Barcelona and leader in B2B language technology, launches the first 100% nationally-based online translation platform for companies and freelance workers.

Following several months of development, ATLS, a technology company with its headquarters in Barcelona, launches the first 100% nationally-based professional translation platform:

This new online translation platform aims to offer document translation services of the highest quality to business and freelance workers worldwide.

AT Translation Services' great progress is in its agile management of multiple formats, which allows it to significantly shorten delivery terms. For this, we have developed a translation management environment which gives the client and the translator complete autonomy, and allows the client to request our services from anywhere and at anytime of the day for over 4,000 language combinations.

The application is currently in Spanish, but it will soon also be available in more than 14 languages.

With the launch of AT Translation Services, this is the first time a Spanish company has implemented this kind of service, establishing a milestone in the translation sector.

ATLS is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the translation and multilingualism sector, with a strong technological component. It is specialised in the development of technologies that facilitate multilingualism in complex applications and dynamic websites.

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