Do you want to send e-mails in other languages?

Translate your company's internal e-mails so your collaborators can communicate in any language.


Legal clauses

We believe in corporate communication. What about you?

AT Language Solutions is developing the technology to ensure that language is not a barrier for your internal communications. Just write the e-mail in your language and we'll translate it! How does it work?


Send us the e-mail to be translated, and specify the target language.


The subject of the e-mail should be: Source language – target language @nombredeempresa.


We will translate the document with our translation engines.


We will send back the email translated into any language you like.



This service can only be used if the sender and receiver of the e-mail work for the same company and have signed the terms of use of AT Language Solutions. The Data Protection Act, as well as company privacy agreements, limit the use of this tool for third parties, unless they also accept the terms of use of our technology.

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