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Translate your sensitive documents using a secure system that guarantees the confidentiality of your information.


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Your documents translated in a secure environment

At AT Language Solutions, we process all information confidentially, but some situations call for a higher degree of security. For this reason, we have developed different tools that permit the translation of documents and confidential information with the maximum guarantee of confidentiality. How does it work?


Send us the document containing sensitive information that you want to translate.


With our encryption software the document becomes anonymous.


Our system separates the sensitive and irrelevant information in the document for translation.


Our software reconverts the information to make it legible.



We have created a secure environment for the transfer of these documents. Only authorised persons have access to this secure environment.



The delivery of strictly confidential documents is carried out by means of encryption with a certificate installed in our systems and that of our clients. Only systems with this certificate are able to open these documents.

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