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Grupo Catalana Occidente, one of the leading Spanish insurance groups, began an ambitious project in 2016 to redesign the websites for its four brands (Seguros Catalana Occidente, NorteHispana Seguros, Seguros Bilbao and Plus Ultra Seguros) and to generate new content through its Content Management System.

Which translation solution did we use?

Assessing the case of the insurance group, and in light of the need to translate any generated content into Catalan, English and Basque, AT Language Solutions proposed the AT-RTS solution. This is a language technology solution based on a web translation service, which enables Catalana Occidente to manage its content in its own CMS, in this case Oracle WebCenter Suites.

The website translation solution included the development of translation buttons within the content management system, by the external company implementing the CMS. De esta manera cuando hay contenido nuevo, el usuario puede hacer clic en dicho botón y seleccionar el idioma al que desea traducir el contenido;.

How does our translation solution work?

The button integrated in the Catalana Occidente CMS connects via API to our remote translation web service. The system captures the text to be translated and sends it to native translators. Once the texts are translated, they are sent back to the CMS to be published.

Thanks to our translation memory, one of the benefits of this translation system is that the system learns; if phrases or segments that need to be translated are repeated, the language technology platform offered by AT Language Solutions recognises this, and returns the previously translated text.

AT-RTS is, ultimately, a web translation solution that guarantees optimum response times for translation requests from a CMS.

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