Do you want to offer website translations to your clients?

We provide the technology with
AT Website Translator "re-seller edition"

Marketing agencies

Would you like to offer your clients the possibility to expand their businesses beyond the reach of their own language? With AT Website Translator we make it a little easier for you. Language shouldn't be a difficulty or an impediment for companies. This is why we provide the technology your clients need to translate their websites into any language.

We offer professional translators specialised in website translation and automatic translation engines to speed up your management and publication processes. In just a few hours you could launch websites, content and campaigns in any language.

Translation agencies and LSPs

If you are a freelance translator or a translation agency, our AT Website Translator technology will permit you to offer your clients professional website translation. Translating web pages is very easy with our tool. You just need to have a re-seller licence and you will be able to create projects for all your clients.

The CAT tool included in AT Website Translator allows you to perform a professional translation within the application itself. If you would like to work with a desktop tool, you can export and import TMX files.

AT Website Translator helps you to manage your guest users and provides detailed statistics on the status of your project. You just take care of managing the translations correctly. We provide all the technological resources and the platform to enable the translation of your clients' websites.

How does it work?

By purchasing an AT Website Translator licence you can register as many projects as you need. Each project can be a different web page or a client. You will be able to individually manage each account, separating and defining budgets.

We are always available to handle translations and we guarantee quality translations in all language combinations

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