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A working environment that permits you to manage the translation of documents for your company.


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All your company's translations on one platform

Do you want to manage the translation of your documents? Ask for a quote for instant translation? Know the status of your translations? We have developed a working environment that allows you to do all this, and more! No need to install or develop any program! With our web application you will be able to:

  • Send your documents to translate
  • Monitor the progress and delivery deadlines for documents already sent
  • Set translation priorities for the documents sent
  • Monitor the costs for the translations carried out

Work with our Web application


Upload the documents you want to translate to the application.


Receive an instant quote.


Validation and translation of documents.


We will send you a notification so you can download the translated document.



We generate a translation memory for each translation project. These memories store the previously translated words and permit us to reduce the cost of these translations in the final quote. Every time you send us a new document, we search for the words that are already stored and we translate them automatically, thus reducing the final cost of the translation. They are then revised by a translator to guarantee the quality.


Do you work with different translation providers? We provide you with a tool for managing translations with your translation providers. Do it effortlessly and simply, without needing to install anything. What does the platform let you do?

  • Manage your translations with your trusted providers.
  • Control the translations and deadlines.
  • Request quotes through the platform.

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