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At last, we're proud to announce the launch of AT Website Translator, an online translation platform that any company can use to translate its website in minutes.

The solution offers a website translation proxy service, developed using technology which is unique on the market. Proxy translation is fast and effective, enabling you to translate and publish localised websites instantly. How? The platform explores and automatically extracts all the web content in order to create a translation that adapts to the culture and language characteristics of each market.

To localise the website content, enter the URL of the website you want to translate and select the source language (the original language of the website) and the target language or languages (languages to which you want to translate the website). Once entered and when the tool is engaged, you'll instantly see on a split screen the original website and the translated website. From here, you can publish the translation or request a revision from our team of translators or another translator known by the user. Once the revision has been completed, the translated content will instantly appear on the website.

We have worked on each of the functions offered by the application, the design and usability, so that any company can avail of a full, quality translation solution suited to their needs.

What are the main advantages of our web translation service?

  • It's compatible with any type of website, no matter what the content manager or language format.
  • You won't have to install anything; both the software and the managed data are centralised and stored on our servers, which you can access via the Internet.
  • It improves international SEO positioning and maximises visibility of the website in other markets by translating keywords and metatags and creating a URL for each language.
  • Google Analytics friendly:It's compatible with Google Analytics and enables analysis of metrics for the translated web versions.
  • It detects and translates new content instantly (text and images). Every time new content is generated on the original website, the tool detects it and keeps the content of all the website's language versions aligned.
  • It allows you to request a revision of the translations from our more than 8,000 professional translators or a translator that you know.
  • It can manage translation memories, so that you can avoid paying for the same translation twice.

 Do you want to find out more about our new website translation service? Try AT Website Translator free of charge for one month. How?

  1. Enter your email and password
  2. Tell us the name of your website (URL)
  3. Verify your website
  4. Choose your target languages

You can now see your website translated!

It reduces time and effort during the translation process with a complete B2B website translation service and cloud-based translation software with no technological impact.


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