AT Language Solutions to provide data for WMT19 challenge evaluation

The leading machine translation conference worldwide, Workshop on Machine Translation (WMT), is being held for the fourteenth time - or fourth since it became a conference - this summer.

The conference, where the latest advances in neural translation will be presented, is part of the annual Asociación de Lingüística Computacional (Association of Computational Linguistics) event and will take place in Florence in early August. The conference takes the form of a set of challenges, where different research and development teams will compete and compare results based on standard quality metrics that calculate the similarity between machine and human translations of the same texts (BLEU/TER).

This year a team led by Marta Costa-Jussà from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya has proposed a new challenge on machine translation between close languages - for which there are few translation corpora, and little data to train neural engines.

AT Language Solutions has provided the data which will be used to evaluate the results of the challenge, as it has a particularly extensive database of translation memories (human, and therefore very reliable) in the proposed language pairs.

All at AT wish the UPC team every success in presenting their challenge at the conference.

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