ATLS is the exclusive distributor of the AEM translation connector

    Adobe Experience Manager

    Having reached a collaboration agreement with American software company BoDEX, AT Language Solutions® will distribute BETC in Spain, Portugal and Andorra

    More and more companies are opting for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the industry's leading web content management platform. The content management system (CMS) provides the ideal digital foundation for creating, managing and publishing customised and interactive content. Fully aware of an increase in demand, and with the aim of meeting its customers' translation needs, translation and technology company AT Language Solutions® has signed a collaboration agreement with the American software company BODEX (a connector for translating websites in AEM) to become its exclusive distributor across the whole Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal and Andorra).


    How the translation connector works

    Users who create a website in Adobe Experience Manager can send content they want to translate via BETC directly to AT Language Solutions' translation management system®. Translators receive it instantly, and can start working on the translation straight away. Next, BETC returns the translated content to AEM, meaning it can be published on the website immediately. Translations can be approved manually or automatically. Customers can monitor the entire translation process in real time.

    Thanks to BETC, the only thing customers with an AEM content manager need to worry about is creating web content in their source language: AT Language Solutions® will take care of the rest!


    The advantages of translating Adobe Experience Manager websites with BETC include:

    • Cost savings.
    • Control panel, at-a-glance user analysis, and translation-related data.
    • Simple, intuitive and easy to use; ultra-fast translations.
    • Ability to monitor the status of translations.
    • Option to review translations prior to publication.
    • SEO Optimisation: tags, meta elements or tags, and categories are all localised.
    • Automation of the import and export process for new content.
    • Support for connector configuration, use and maintenance.
    • Optimised updates: simple to change to new versions of AEM.

    Do you have an AEM website? Do you want to internationalise it easily and conveniently? Get in touch!