The Spanish Tax Agency opts for our artificial intelligence software

artificial intelligence

The Spanish Tax Agency opts for artificial intelligence software from AT Language Solutions for the human-reviewed machine translation of up to 500 web applications.

The project, with an investment of more than €230,000 and an implementation period of up to two years, consolidates the popularity and continual growth of artificial intelligence networks.

Artificial intelligence in translation

The tender ended last October, when AT Language Solutions, a company with more than 20 years' experience in developing specific translation software, was awarded the project to automatically translate the webpages and applications of the E-Office of the Spanish Tax Agency into the co-official languages of Spain and English (published in the Official State Gazette B-2019-42088 on 7 October 2019).

In total, the project covers the translation of between 300 and 500 web applications of the Tax Agency E-Office. It is estimated that 3,600,000 words will be translated; 900,000 in each language (Catalan, Galician, Valencian and English).

The implementation phase that just ended entailed the installation of a proxy platform, i.e., servers that detect new content when it appears and translate it instantly thanks to software that uses artificial intelligence (machine translation). These translations are then reviewed by professional translators to refine them, so that the result that the taxpayer sees reads naturally.

One of the key points of the project, which was also a determining factor in awarding AT Language Solutions the contract, was to guarantee the security of information, maintaining encryption protocols and communication layers. The AT platform has been installed on the local Tax Agency servers, so the information never leaves the circuit and complies with all security standards. Other important aspects of the final decision were AT's ability to save and harness translation memories, and the efficiency and speed of the translation process involved.

The project, which will represent an investment of €233,551.50, hit its first milestone in January 2020, when the first translated applications started to appear. This implementation phase can last up to two years, although AT has extensive experience in similar projects and trusts that it will have deployed all translated applications within 6 to 8 months, and will use the remaining time to make all the necessary adjustments. Once deployed, the applications will be accessible to the taxpayer, who will be able to complete all their procedures in their chosen language by the third quarter of 2021.