Price information for the AT Translation Services platform

How is the price calculated?

We calculate the price of the order based on the number of words, the speciality, the urgency and the language combinations. The price can vary depending on the options selected. For example, an order for an urgent translation will be more expensive than a translation with an ordinary deadline. You should also consider that there is a €10 minimum order.

What is the discount for volume?

AT Translation Services offers discounts for customers who place orders for a large number of words. These discounts are applied to the total invoice amount and they vary depending on the invoice amount.

From Up to Discount on invoice
€500 0%
€501 €1,000 -3%
€1,001 € 2,000 -6%
€2,001 €4,000 -9%
€4,001 and more -12%

When is it paid?

All orders are paid when the quote is accepted and the translation is requested.

How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation is calculated based on the language combinations selected by the customer, the number of words, the speciality and the level or urgency. Once all of these variables are combined, we are able to provide a quote to fit the parameters selected by the customer.

What quality assurances do I have?

AT Translation Services holds the highest level of certification (UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015), reserved exclusively for translation companies that are committed to excellence in their work. By putting your translations in our hands, you can be sure of quality.

Can I ask for a refund?

Our workflow entails strict quality controls on the translations carried out by our translators and collaborators. However, if for any reason you feel that the translation we deliver does not meet your requirements, you can contact us to arrange a refund. For more information, please read the sales policy and refund policy carefully.