Quick answers

Are all of your translators native speakers?

Yes. AT Translation Services works with translators who are all native in the target languages, regardless of whether the translation is specialised or general.

In which formats can I send a document?

In any of the Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Open Office extensions. We also accept .html and .xml.

Is the service for companies or individuals?

AT Translation Services provides specialised translation services for corporate clients and SMEs.

Do you have a fast-track service?

Yes, we have a fast-track translation service, even during holidays.

How do I pay for an order?

Orders can be paid for via Visa or PayPal.

Do you have any more questions?

If we have not been able to answer your queries, you can contact us through the form on our contact page.


What is AT Translation Services?

AT Translation Services is a document translation service. With our platform, you can request quotes, send documents to translate and receive your translations easily, quickly and efficiently.

How can I count the number of words in a document?

If the document has been written in Word, you can use the "word count" tool which you can find in the tool menu. However, our program for sending documents to translate is also able to effectively count the words contained in your documents.

What can I translate with AT Translation Services?

With AT Translation Services you can translate any kind of text document. We are specialised in document translation and we are experienced in handling all kinds of specialised texts.

Can you translate a website?

Yes, AT Translation Services offers a complete translation service. With our tool, AT-Proxy, we can translate websites, applications and e-commerce. We can also translate documents with formatting tags or html code such as .xml or .html files.

Is the service for companies or individuals?

Our service is aimed at companies, big or small. We are able to adapt to the size of the customer. Here at AT Translation Services, we are ready to take on large volumes of work and tight deadlines, always maintaining a high standard of quality.

Do you respect the formatting of a document?

Yes, we are able to work with the original formatting tags and return the translated document back to the client with the same formatting and in the same file type as the original.

How is the price of the order calculated?

We calculate the price of the order based on the number of words, the speciality, the urgency and the language combinations. The price can vary depending on the options selected. For example, an order for an urgent translation will be more expensive than a translation with an ordinary deadline. You should also consider that there is a €10 minimum order.

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Delivery deadlines

How long does it take to translate a document?

The time the translator needs to complete the work varies depending on the language combinations selected, the level of specialisation and the difficulty of the translation. For translations from Spanish into English, for example, a translator is able to finish a document of 2,500 words in 8 working hours.

What happens if a delivery is delayed?

Rarely will a translation be delayed. We are used to working with large numbers of words and short time frames. If there is a delay and it exclusively the fault of AT Translation Services, you have the right to a full or partial refund of the price of the translation. In any case, you should contact us to arrange the refund.

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Is the quick quote free of charge?

Yes. With the calculator that can be found on our homepage, you can perform a simulation to estimate the cost of your translation. This service is completely free.

How is it paid?

There are currently two payment methods available: Visa or PayPal.

What is the discount for volume?

AT Translation Services offers discounts for customers who place orders for a large number of words. These discounts are applied to the total invoice amount and they vary depending on the invoice amount.

When is it paid?

All orders are paid when the quote is accepted and the translation is requested.

How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation is calculated based on the language combinations selected by the customer, the number of words, the speciality and the level or urgency. Once all of these variables are combined, we are able to provide a quote to fit the parameters selected by the customer.

What quality assurances do I have?

AT Translation Services holds the highest certification (UNE-EN 17100:2015) awarded by AENOR exclusively for those translation companies that are committed to excellence in their work. By putting your translations in our hands, you can be sure of quality.

Can I ask for a refund?

Our workflow entails strict quality controls on the translations carried out by our translators and collaborators. If, in spite of everything, you believe your translation is inadequate, you can contact us to arrange a refund. For more information, please carefully read the sales policy and refund policy.

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Sending documents to translate

How do I send a document to translate?

To send a document to be translated, you must first log in or register. Once you have entered your user profile, select the option "new project". The system will guide you through the process to send your document.

Is there a size limit?

Currently, the maximum file size that can be sent to translate is 20 MB.

In which formats can I send a document?

Currently, any file with a Microsoft Office, Open Office or Libre Office extension can be sent. We do not accept PDF files as the formatting of these documents means a reliable automatic word count is not possible.

When is the translation of a document started?

The translation of your document will begin when it has been assigned to an AT Translation Services translator or collaborator. The time it takes to assign the translation is included within the estimated delivery time, so this process will not cause any delays in delivery.

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Do you adapt the translation for the target country?

Yes. The translators and collaborators at AT Translation Service, wherever necessary, will adapt the text to the target language. This is relevant, for example, for translations that distinguish between British and American English, or when the text contains expressions or set phrases that cannot be translated literally.

What does "machine translation" mean?

Over the years, AT Translation Services has developed machine translation engines that are capable of performing high quality translations. When you opt for a machine translation, you are making use of our translation technology and memories for each language combination. This type of translation is good quality but it always requires revision by a translator who is native in the target language to adjust or modify the translation carried out in order to guarantee its quality.

Why do you recommend a review of a translations?

Although we apply a system of quality controls for all the work we carry out, a double-check is a good idea. When you opt for a review, another translator will compare the original text with the translation. This way, it is possible to make improvements and introduce nuance into the translation.

Do I need a specialised translator?

When your text contains specialised terminology, it is appropriate for your translation to be assigned to a specialised translator. When translators are specialised in a certain area, they know the specific and technical vocabulary used in that field in their native languages, thus guaranteeing quality translations.

Can I request just a review of a text?

Yes, by selecting the same source and target languages, you can request a text to be checked for spelling and stylistic issues.

What happens during holidays?

In the case of ordinary priority translations, our system includes holidays when setting delivery dates. If you wish for your documents to be processed during a holiday, you must select this level of urgency for the translation when you make your order. All urgent orders must be made within the working hours of AT Translation Services.

Legal or sworn translation?

Legal and sworn translations are different things. A legal translation refers to the specialist nature of the text within the field of law. A sworn translation, on the other hand, is a certified translation of legal documents and must be carried out by a qualified translator. Currently, AT Translation Services does not offer sworn translation services.

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Translated documents

How do I know if my documents have been translated?

When your document has been translated and it has passed through all of our quality controls, you will receive a notification by email to tell you that the work has been completed. Within this same email, you will also receive instructions about how to download the translated document.

What happens if a translation is delayed?

In the event of delayed delivery of a translation, you have the right to request a refund, which must first be agreed with AT Translation Services. In no case shall this refund exceed 100% of the cost of the translation requested.

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What happens with my documents when they are sent to AT Translation Services?

The documents sent to AT Translation Services to be translated are saved under strict security parameters. These documents are analysed to determine the number of words. From this analysis we are able to provide a quote. When the quote is accepted, the document is assigned to a translator who will be sent the document by secure means.

Do you keep documents once they have been translated?

No. Once the document has been translated and the client is satisfied with the quality of the translation, the document is removed from our database.

Are AT Translation Services' translators subject to a confidentiality agreement?

Yes. All AT Translation Services translators and collaborators have signed an agreement obliging them to treat all documents they receive and the information they contain with the utmost confidentiality.

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