Does your website really need HTTPS?

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HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, which controls the transfer of hypertext, websites, smartphones, etc. So why do we recommend that you adopt HTTPS in order to secure your website? Take note!

By using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), you are adding critical security to your Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) through an SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer. This way, all information transferred between a web browser and a website server is encrypted to ensure that, if it is intercepted by a third party, it cannot be read.

SSL certificates are issued by certificate authorities and verify the integrity of a website and its domain. If you see a small green padlock in the address bar of a Google, Chrome, Firefox, etc., web browser, this means that the website is secure.

Advantages of upgrading your website to HTTPS

HTTPS sites are becoming the norm nowadays as increasingly more data, images, videos, etc., are being shared, and website creators need to offer users a higher level of data privacy. HTTPS is valuable because it stops intruders from intercepting information or gaining unauthorised access.

Here are some advantages of securing your website with HTTPS:

  • It increases the confidence and trust of visitors to your website: Internet users are becoming more concerned about online privacy and security and this makes them feel more secure when they visit a website. The green padlock on a website protects the integrity and confidentiality of data and builds trust in a brand.
  • It helps to avoid identity theft: As the data is encrypted, it is almost impossible for intruders to change it or reuse it. The HTTPS certificate protects data sent through the website.
  • It improves your SEO: Google rewards HTTPS websites by ranking them in the top positions in search engines. Therefore, HTTPS websites rank higher than HTTP websites.

Today, having a secure website is essential for guaranteeing the privacy of your clients' personal data. Remember that this type of website is compatible with our website translation solution AT WebsiteTranslator.

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