Digital transformation in Spanish companies

digital transformation Spanish companies

The vast majority of Spanish companies have embraced the digital transformation process, but not all of them are at the same stage in the process. Let's see how digitalisation affects these companies and how they deal with it.

A study carried out by the company Advice Strategic Consultants, S.L.  shows that significant progress has been made in the digital transformation processes of Spanish companies and that a significant portion of smaller-sized companies have invested in ICT solutions in the last two years

How important is digitalisation compared to other factors?

Spanish companies are not dealing with digital change in a planned way, instead they are responding to the specific needs as they arise. It is because of this that, in the majority of cases, priority is not given to embracing the digital world. Next, let's take a look at how companies rate digitalisation:

digital transformation Spanish companies

Rating importance of digitalisation – Advice Strategic Consultants S.L

Digitalisation is rated behind factors such as taxation, profitability or the economic situation. As we can see in the chart, professionals and SMEs rate their level of concern similarly, with scores of 6 and 6.3 points out of 10 respectively.If we look at larger companies with more than one hundred employees however, their level of concern about digitalisation is higher, at 7.2 points.

Status of digitalisation

As we can see from the following graphic, the percentage of Spanish SMEs currently in the midst of the digitalisation process is over 70% and 7% of these have digitalisation plans for the next two years. In the case of large companies, 80% of these are in the midst of the digitalisation process.

digital transformation Spanish companies perception

Digitalisation status – Advice Strategic Consultants S.L.

These percentages apply thanks to the investment made in digital resources. The hotel sector has made the largest investment, with 82% compared to 46% in the agriculture and mining sectors, for example.

What benefits does digital transformation aim to achieve?

The with a percentage of 24% and 29% for professionals and SMEs, respectively and 42% for large companies. The lowest priority varies depending on the size of the companies. If we look at small businesses, the lowest priority is "To increase the client base" (9%), for SMEs it is "Accessibility to information" and, finally, for large companies the lowest priority is "To increase profitability".

digital transformation benefits company

Benefits of digitalisation – Advice Strategic Consultants S.L.

As we can see, although most Spanish companies have embarked on a digitalisation process, they still have a long way to go in terms of digital transformation, probably due to the cost of implementation and lack of staff training. We should take into account that, if you want to internationalise your business, digitalisation is a must in your strategy, alongside translation, which will always be present in an expansion process.