Why should you translate your website into multiple languages?

translate your website into multiple languages

Why should you translate your website into multiple languages? We are all aware of the importance of creating value-added content to attract new clients. But, what if the new clients that reach your website don't speak the same language?

According to Stéphan Magnard, CEO of AT Language Solutions, the translation of websites into various different language is a must these days. And it should be carried out by a professional translation service: “Website translation is a complex process, regardless of the size of the company, and should be undertaken by professionals." Launching a website is a key strategy for a company to enable it to transmit its values, display its products and services, and importantly, present its professionalism to the world. For this reason, he adds, “web content in different languages must transmit a company's message clearly and effectively." "Company websites should be translated by professional translators, who are specialised in the target languages, and who have the linguistic skills required to deliver a successful translation", says Magnard.

Think of your website that, for the moment, is only published in one language. Would you like to see how you could benefit if you translated it into other languages?

  • Translating your website into several languages facilitates the internationalisation of your company, allowing you to create more empathy with your customers by "speaking" their language.
  • You will increase your sales performance, regardless of the services you offer. It's simple. The more contacts you have, the better chances you have of reaching potential customers.
  • You will improve your site's ranking and ensure maximum visibility in Google and other search engines. In other words, Google, and other search engines, reward multilingual websites and those that receive the most visits.
  • You will enhance your brand image. A website translated into 6 different languages gives a much more reliable impression than a website only published in English, for example.
  • You will be able to segment your users more easily.

These are just some advantages you will find if you translate your website into one or several languages. If you would like to translate your website and you don't know who to contact, please write to us! At AT Language Solutions we are skilled in the translation of websites and apps. Have you seen our offer of services?

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