Translation in times of crisis

Translation in times of crisis

We're going through challenging times, and the crisis has hit a number of sectors. It's during these times especially that we think about all the professionals working every day to get things back to normal.Translators have always remained "in the shadow" of society, and in times of crisis translation is particularly important. These professionals are language mediators, responsible for making sure communications are relayed to recipients clearly and comprehensibly.


Translation quality is paramount

At this time, it's essential that high quality standards are maintained for the translation industry to stay afloat.

When we receive a request for translation at AT Language Solutions, we select the translator who best fits the characteristics of the project and follow a series of guidelines depending on the type of project. These include analysing the document for translation along with any supporting documents, extracting terminology, the translation itself, the review, quality control, and DTP where necessary.

And every step along the way, quality must remain high. This is always essential, but now perhaps more than ever. Every detail must be perfectly clear, and as such, only the translation companies who maintain high quality standards will survive this cataclysm.


How a translator works in times of crisis

When complex situations like the one we're dealing with now arise, triggered by a number of factors (such as the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis), communication is vital. This is only magnified when the situation is global in scale. The list of examples is endless: communicating new safety protocols to employees, or new financial regulations (mortgages, deferrals) and safety regulations (how to access premises, opening hours, etc.) to customers. Regardless of the situation, communications are more important than ever right now - and as a result, translators play a crucial role.


Our two cents

Translation in times of crisis! We all know how difficult things are. In light of this new market reality, a large number of customers are asking us to lower our prices, sharing their realities with us and asking us for new quotes. And at AT Language Solutions®, we're trying to adapt to every situation, so we can support businesses in the best way possible. With this premise in mind, we've supported all our clients with their international communications. At the same time, our translations are guaranteed by the highest quality standards on the market; this is backed up by our ISO 17100:2015 certification, the most demanding hallmark for language quality.

Are you looking for a trusted company for your translation project - one that can adapt to your needs? Get in touch!

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