Translate documents online while preserving the original formatting

document translation

Sometimes, we are faced with the need to translate documents in specific formats (fonts, tables, designs, etc) that can be difficult to conserve during translation. There are a range of document translation services available on the internet, but many do not respect the original format. Even so, some online applications can do it, but they have limitations.

What are the limitations of these kinds of online translation applications?

  • Translation using Google Translate technology: Google has one of the most widely used translation services, receiving millions of translation requests every day. However, the translations it provides are not always loyal to the original texts.
  • Format compatibility limited to those of Microsoft Office : They have limitations in terms of their capacity to support different formats. In general, the translations are limited to Microsoft Office formats: .docx,.pdf,.pptx,.xlsx, etc.
  • Slow translation processes: Most applications have features that are still in the testing stages, which can affect translation speed, making the translation rather slow.
  • Limitations in document size: When working with large documents, it can be difficult to find an online translation application capable of processing them. This is important to consider when undertaking a translation project.
  • Requires the : In order to use these applications, it is necessary to install Java software, which is sometimes not possible on all computers. Without downloading this software, the application will not work.

In short, it is important to have an alternative to these free translation engines. One such alternative is our document translation software that maintains formats. Our translation engines are efficient, fast and excellent quality. Unlike other free translation engines, our application is compatible with multiple formats and it permits selective translation.

What is special about our translation software?

  • Quality translation: We have a powerful translation engine that allows us to provide one document in various languages, instantly and with excellent quality.
  • Instantaneous management and translation process: the translation process is carried out completely online, instantly and without the need to install anything on your computer.
  • Supports multiple formats: The software is compatible with translations in various formats, from text editor files to programming language files, and we can always integrate any other text formats needed. The most used formats are .html and .txt, in addition to those available from Microsoft Office.

supported formats

  • Selective translation: Our translation software lets you select certain content not to be translated, such as tags, proper names or any other text elements.

Ultimately, when you need to translate a document, these are some of the applications available. Did you know about these?