What is tourism translation for?

Tourism translation

Tourism translation is essential and the companies that work within the sector know it. Hotels, travel agencies, airlines and any other kind of tourism-related business all want their message to reach the largest possible audience internationally. How can this be done in if you don't use their native language?

Tourism is without doubt a leading sector in translation. The vast majority of fields that make up this sector understand the importance of quality translations in terms of reaching their target audience. In fact, tourism translation is essential not only to attract new customers, but also to build loyalty. Don't you feel more comfortable when you stay in a hotel that has all the information perfectly translated into your language?

It is also important to note that the tourism sector was one of the fastest to adapt to online sales and customers are used to reserving their holidays using the internet.

The strong digitalisation of the sector pushed companies to invest in translation for tourism and therefore reach each and every market.


Why should we focus on translation in the tourism industry?

There are many reasons why a tourism company should translate its texts and media professionally. However, many of these bad translations have gone viral and given us all a good laugh. One of these is the Santander tourism portal's embarrassing translation (published in seven languages, no less) of the Centro Botín art centre as the "Loot Centre". We're sure that they called in the professionals after that!

Customers are often wary of content (brochures, websites, online stores) that contains grammatical errors. Simply put, any content that has been poorly translated. Obviously, this does not only affect translation within the tourism sector but any company who wishes to internationalise their business.

Translating your website is only one of the many ways to reach new customers in new countries, but it is certainly a great place to start. We believe that the professional translation of their website, social networks, blogs and applications should be compulsory for any company within the tourism sector.


Tourism translation boosts SEO

Once the website has been professionally translated into one or more languages, you must take into account the translation of the SEO. Your website might have been translated into impeccable French, but you need the right keywords to point people in the right direction. Imagine that a website has optimum positioning in English for their page "luxury safari tours". To maintain this in other languages, it must also be well-positioned using the correct keywords in the target market, which may not be the same as in English.

Translation within the tourism industry has its own unique characteristics, which is why it is important to use a translation agency that specialises in this sector and has extensive experience in translating within the area. Not just anyone is up to the task!

A sector as important as this cannot leave translation in the hands of free online translators or unqualified people, even if they are native speakers of the target language. Your company's reputation is at stake, so you need to rely on a professional tourism translator to guarantee quality.

Most requested translations

In terms of the type of translations, here are some of the projects we have carried out at our translation agency:

  • Translation of brochures
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of maps and plans
  • Translation of promotion catalogues
  • Translation of applications
  • Translation of signage
  • Social media translation
  • Translation of tourist guides

Our customers include large hotel chains, airlines and travel agencies worldwide. If you need a great quality translation, you need look no further! Let's chat?

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