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fashion industry translation

As in any other field, the fashion industry needs a professional translation service since it has many of its own peculiarities and a vast array of specialised vocabulary. Let's take a closer look at this topic!

Communications made by fashion brands, both offline and online, use very specific language, geared towards appealing to the user's emotions in order to build brand loyalty. Because of high international demand for this type of product, brands are eager to communicate in several different languages, since this can multiply business volume for companies.

This is why brands don't think twice about investing in professional translations. From textile, fabric and material features to web content, social network posts, advertising, catalogues, lookbooks or press releases. But it's not just the marketing material that needs to be translated. All the information on the products must be adapted correctly. The labelling on garments or the sizing are other good examples.

What are the particularities of fashion translation?

In the case of the fashion industry, we are dealing with a very specific area of terminology. Let's take a look at some relevant points in a translation process for a fashion brand:

Use of anglicisms

A large number of foreign expressions are used in fashion, particularly English and French ones, referring to textiles, designs and shapes of garments. Depending on the target market, the colour "nude" for instance may or may not be translated. We can find many other cases like this one, such as the translation of certain garment names for one country or another.


Another really important aspect in the fashion market is adapting the nomenclature of sizing for clothes and shoes. When shopping in an online clothes store on a US website, the sizing system is different to European countries.

Benefits of translation for the fashion industry

  1. Adapting communications to your customers' language enhances your international reputation.
  2. Since communication is done directly, in the right language, you save time in the international rollout phase.
  3. You will experience a boost in interest from international users, both browsing and buying.
  4. You will see an increased return on investment in media, advertising and social networks.

Intropia and translating its communications

intropia logo

As outlined above, online communication is one of the most important aspects of adpating the content of any brand. A success story that proves this need is the translation services we rendered for the women's fashion brand, Intropia. This fashion brand publishes most of its communications in these channels and it decided to entrust the translation of its newsletter to our team of experts. The idea was to translate the text to appeal to users and capture and retain their attention.

And, as we've already said, the language used in the fashion industry contains a very specialised terminology that is unique to the sector. So, it is highly recommendable to hire translators specialised in fashion.

What about you? Do you have a specialised translation service yet?

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