Translation in the jewellery sector

Translation in the jewellery sector

The luxury sector generates a large volume of business worldwide and is fast becoming one of the most active translation markets. Today we're taking a look at translation in the jewellery sector.

The globalisation of this sector and the boom in online sales have created the need to address a much wider public, all over the world. Thanks to this ecommerce "explosion", we are witnessing an exponential rise in demand for translation services within the jewellery sector.

The competitiveness of brands also requires that information be provided clearly, precisely and in a way that is adapted to the local audience. This requires the translation to be carried out by professionals specialised in the jewellery sector, who are able to offer excellent quality.

The reputation of a brand, especially in the jewellery sector, is almost as important as the product on offer. As such, it is important to be able to communicate the company's message properly and to know how to adapt it to the market's target audience. In this way, translation within the jewellery sector has become a priority within the company's internationalisation strategy, as any translation error could reduce sales on an international level and even damage the brand image.


The growth of the luxury market

The Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2020 report, by the consultancy Deloitte, places Spanish companies in tenth place for sales volume within the world's luxury markets. This indicates the enormous importance of sectors such as jewellery in our exports, which reach countries as far afield as New Zealand, Taiwan and France.

China, for example, is one of the best countries for exports from Spain. Whether you have a small jewellery business or a large multinational company exporting branded bags, there is always a niche in the market upon which to capitalise in this millennial nation.

When it comes to internationalisation, there is a lot to consider. The technical aspects of the process - logistics, budgets, etc. - are key but linguistic and cultural adaptation to the target market are as, if not more, important.

You can devise the perfect strategy and still fail to reach your potential consumers if you have not carefully localised your marketing campaigns to the target market. Translation within the jewellery sector covers many aspects that must be taken into consideration and that are best left to professionals who are experts in the field.

Exporting to the Chinese market, for example, without taking into account the huge cultural differences is a recipe for failure. Even global brands must be culturally adapted.


How good translation for the jewellery sector can increase your profits

As we have seen, to succeed in internationalising a jewellery brand and increase sales on an international level, it is essential to take care of all the details when conveying the brand message. The world of jewellery has very particular characteristics, and seeks to evoke values and feelings that can vary according to the type of product. In order to ensure that the message you want to convey is effective and respects the essence of the brand, it is essential to work with translators who are specialised in the jewellery sector and who, in addition to being native speakers of the target language, have a solid knowledge of this field. For a translator specialised in the jewellery sector, the priority must always be the quality of the result.

Although the world of jewellery evokes terms such as elegance, wealth and pleasure, we must also consider the specific cultural context when looking to position ourselves in a new market and adapt so that the original message is intact and the essence remains the same. When you succeed in reaching the potential client in their native tongue, the reader won't notice that the text is a translation because they will simply be reading in their mother tongue. And that's when you'll come to understand the magic of translation in the jewellery sector! Your sales will increase, day after day, and you will have achieved your objective: selling your products without borders!

The most common translations in the jewellery sector

The most common translation projects in the jewellery sector are the following:

  • Translation of websites and online stores
  • Translation of marketing and advertising
  • Translation of product labels
  • Translation of brochures
  • Translation of marketing campaigns
  • Translation of adverts and publicity
  • Translation of product descriptions
  • Translation of precious metals/precious stones


At AT Language Solutions we have extensive experience in the luxury sector in general and in the area of jewellery in particular. We count large brands from the sector among our customers. Shall we talk?

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