Professional translation with AT Website Translator

automatic website translation

Many companies are searching for a professional translation service to make their websites multilingual. Today, we will look at how you can have your web content translated by a professional with AT Website Translator.

If a user wants a multilingual website with an automatic translation, without professional revision, the tool offers an automatic translation of part of the web content, and allows you to purchase more automatically translated words. On the other hand, if you want the translation to be carried out by a professional from AT Language Solutions, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Scan my website: what does it consist of? This is the process where the tool extracts all the original content from your website so that it can be translated automatically.

create translation website automatic fast

Depending on the quantity of automatic words you have available in your plan (1,000 words of machine translation for the FREE plan, 7,500 for Business and 15,000 for Premium), the translated content will appear in the tool automatically until the package runs out.

create translation website automatic fast

  1. Request a professional translation: the user may have part of the website translated automatically, and another part untranslated. If you want a professional translation, you can go to 'Edit text' and select the segments or phrases you want translated by clicking 'Add to revision'. This is only useful for users who want to have part of their content translated professionally, and when they know which specific part this is.

On the other hand, if the user wants a professional translator to translate all of their website's content, they can also go to 'Edit text' and click 'Revise all'.

create translation website automatic fast

This allows you to select all of your website's content to be translated by a professional from AT Language Solutions.

How do I pay for the professional translation?

Once you have selected the content you want a professional to translate, click on 'Request revision', and then 'Process revision'.

process professional translation automatic fast

The tool will then redirect you to the order summary. If you have already provided your billing information, you just need to click 'Confirm order' to make the payment. Once the translation has been completed by a professional from AT Language Solutions, the user will be able to see it published automatically on their website, and also within the tool itself; this content will be distinguished from the rest with the status 'Revised by AT Language Solutions'.

If the user has a dynamic website and constantly generates new content, the scanning process should be repeated to ensure that this new content is translated. Once the scan is finished, you just need to follow the same steps as before, the only difference being that the content that has already been translated by a professional will not be translated again; the user will only pay for the professional translation of new content.

And if I have my own translation provider?

If the user is already working with a translation provider and wants to continue doing so, they can follow the steps below to translate their web content:

  1. Access the 'Translators' section, and click 'Add new translator'.

add new translator create fast machine translation

2. Fill in the requested fields: first name, surname, target language and email address of the translation provider.

translate website automatically and edit

3. An email is automatically sent to the translation provider with a password to access the tool. The translator will only be able to access the content on the user's website in order to carry out the translation, but will not have permission to see any other information regarding the user's plan.

Once the translator has finished the translation, the translated phrases will be distinguished from the rest with the status 'Revised by an invited translator'.

Ultimately, AT Website Translator is a comprehensive tool that uses high-quality professional translation to provide a multilingual website, in a fast, simple way. Try one month for free!