Translate your newsletters and increase your sales

newsletters translation

Newsletters have become an important marketing tool aimed at increasing customer base and encouraging customer loyalty. Newsletters are reports written by brands or companies and sent regularly to their subscribers by email, and they contain news or interesting information from the sector.

It has been said that this type of marketing strategy is no longer effective, but in fact, quite the opposite is true. As we explained in one of our previous articles, there are now many emailing tools available for handling this type of mass e-mails. They can contain all types of information, ranging from news and information from the sector, to promotions, discounts and offers for loyal clients, among others.

Once the national customer base is consolidated and a company decides to broaden its horizons and expand its business, the translation of newsletters and the adaptation of the content to the new target users becomes essential.Newsletter translations should be assigned to translators specialised in marketing online, who must have enough experience and knowledge in this field to be able to transmit messages clearly and accurately in the various target languages.

Why should you translate your newsletters?

  • It increases your chance of sales, because the message reaches potential customers in their native language.
  • It increases your presence on social networks when you send a newsletter in a customer's native language. It will help you reach a larger audience.
  • The newsletter open rate will increase, as people tend to skip or delete emails received in foreign languages.
  • It will help to build loyalty among foreign customers, as they will perceive the foreign brand or company to be much more accessible.

Have you now decided to translate your newsletters? AT Language Solutions will be happy to help you!

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