Footwear industry translation

Footwear industry translation

Just like other sectors, the one hurdle the footwear industry faces is the leap into the online model - it's a key step towards getting on the trend and crossing borders. The products they're working with may have an artisanal, local dimension, but they're increasingly being marketed worldwide thanks to the internationalisation of businesses. Which is precisely why companies in the footwear industry who choose to go down the translation route are growing fast.

It's a positive trend for the sector. The forecasts are stable, and rising. Why? A number of reasons: footwear is an essential requirement, whether for everyday wear, doing sports or following trends. For people of all ages, in all countries. It makes for an enormous potential market, both nationally and internationally.

Footwear industry translation services

Internationalisation and the online shopping boom pose new challenges for the footwear industry. Having descriptions in several languages makes foreign sales a reality. And international contracts are also important, even for small companies in the footwear industry. High quality, specialist translations open up new markets, increasing your chance of success and bringing a host of benefits to companies who want to internationalise their brand. This is why translation in the footwear industry is experiencing exponential growth.

Lottusse, a success story

One of our customers, the Mallorcan brand Lottusse, launched its ecommerce globally, giving it access to new markets it hadn't worked with until that point. Plus, its digital presence gave it a push in markets like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, driving international growth. The Mallorcan company put its trust in AT Language Solutions to translate its ecommerce for the Asian market.


Specialised translators

Footwear translation has very specific characteristics and uses particularly specialist language: designs, fabrics, cuts, shapes, etc.; it's a technical sector, with its own terminology. All the information related to the product, its composition and other manufacturing details must be translated carefully and accurately to guarantee an optimal final result, free from errors. Which is why you need to work with a native-speaking translator who specialises in fashion, footwear and leather. Ultimately, your best bet is to work with a translation company that specialises in this sector, such as AT Language Solutions.


Examples of footwear industry translations

Going by our experience in the world of fashion in general - and footwear in particular - the most-requested translations in this sector are:

  • Ecommerce translation
  • Translation of labelling
  • Translation of signage for window displays
  • Product description translation
  • Translation of websites
  • International marketing campaign translation
  • Translation of communications
  • Social media content translation
  • Collections and catalogues translation

The benefits of working with a translation company

As we've already mentioned, if you're looking for high quality translations that'll help you reach your international goals, work with a translation company on your footwear translations. What other benefits are there?

  • Improve your international reputation.
  • Save time on international product launches.
  • Multiply your customer numbers (as well as your profits).
  • Get a return on your marketing investment
  • Save unnecessary costs related to language issues.


If you're a footwear business and want to launch into the international market, at AT we can make your dream a reality. Let's chat?

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