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With the last chiming of the bells we've left 2019 behind and can now usher in the New Year. As well as writing our letters to the Three Wise Men, it's time to get the ball rolling with our list of New Year's resolutions: go to the gym every day, stop smoking, and get our professional careers going. A lot of people sign up to this last goal, and with this huge resolution-driven demand in mind, many educational institutions are at the ready, launching their courses like Wise Men chucking sweets. Choosing where to study is always a difficult decision, so you need to have all the necessary information at hand. Today we're going to look at how translation helps attract customers in the education sector.


education translation

What factors put us ahead of our competitors?

Some of Spain's business schools are among the highest ranked in Europe. Every year, thousands choose it as the destination for continuing their studies and advancing their professional careers. And new technologies, which have had an impact on all business sectors, mean studying in person is no longer the only option. Now, offering online programmes has become an added value, with such courses offering several advantages for students: flexible timetables, the lack of need for travel, and a choice of languages to study in.

Individual schools have different ways of showing their courses and training programmes. However, when it comes to opting for one course over another, the following factors will help browsers decide:

  • Websites: as we've mentioned several times, if you want to reach a wider audience, and ensure everybody can access your educational programmes, it's essential that you translate your website into several languages. It makes it easier for students to access all the documents they need when they're searching for information of interest to them.


  • Syllabus: many websites display their content by using a landing page. Others give the option to download information when a potential customer fills in their details. This is one of the key points that users will consider when selecting a school.


  • Brochures: informative brochures are also very important, especially when looking for a business school. Whilst many students pay for courses themselves, many will also still be financially dependent. In these cases, where family members may want to access information on a school, it's always advisable to have the information available in their first language.


  • Webinars: These videos are recorded and edited with subtitles in several languages, meaning everybody has access to the classes taught.


  • Terms and legal issues: once someone has all the information they need to make a decision, the agreement needs to be formalised. Registration documents need to be signed, and sums confirmed - which all needs to be outlined in a contract. In addition, the contract also needs to include legal information which users need to read and understand before signing. People from other countries will have a better understanding of their rights and obligations if the content has been translated into their respective language.


At AT Language Solutions we offer various business translation solutions, tailored to each individual case. We have a portfolio of native translators specialised in education translations to offer you the highest quality services. We also have our own proprietary website translation tools which can be tailored to the needs of every business. If you'd like to know which translation method is best for your business, contact us and one of our advisors can talk through your situation and help you find the best solution.

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