A professional translation for annual accounts

Translation of annual accounts

Annual accounts are informative documents that provide details on the financial and economic situation of a company and they are used to compare the results with previous years. They are complex documents and they therefore should be translated by a translator who specialises in the field of economics and finance.

Once an annual financial report is prepared, a general meeting is held at which the report is presented to the partners, the board of directors and the shareholders of a company. At this time, the accounts must already be translated into the relevant languages.

How is a translation of an annual report carried out?

First and foremost, each company must inform the translation providers of which sections are to be translated. It is important for the translation company to have a team of professional translators to carry out the translation with the utmost attention to detail. These documents also require a high level of confidentiality, so it is advisable to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance. In order to carry out the translation of these kinds of documents, certain peculiarities need to be considered:

  • Translation of numerical values
  • Due to the content matter, the format of these documents is complex and must be maintained in the translated versions.
  • The translators need to be familiar with specific terminology, concepts and financial and accounting standards (IAS and IFRS, etc). Therefore, they must be specialised professionals with previous experience with financial documents.

Sworn translations of annual accounts

A sworn translation may be required when annual accounts are written in a language other than the official language of the country in which they will be presented. If a sworn translation is needed, you should inform the translators of this as soon as possible as not all translators are able to provide this kind of translation.

At AT Language Solutions, we treat every translation as unique, and we commit to providing maximum quality in the translation of documents, particularly annual accounts, which are extremely important for all companies.

Have you translated your annual accounts?

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