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At AT Language Solutions, we work with clients from a variety of sectors. In this post, we will focus on one client, belonging to the leisure sector, which has a presence in Spain, Portugal and France. The main aim of our client was to improve the company's position in the Portuguese market, and the customised solution we offered them was the translation from Spanish to Portuguese of their blog, using our computer-assisted translation platform.

The idea was not to provide a fully professional translation, as this would have required more time due to the human translation involved. Instead, the aim of the translation was to index the multilanguage content to increase the site's position as soon as possible in search engines and to ensure that its content was useful and of value for target users.

When our solution was implemented, the blog was translated into Portuguese, and also updated in this language, and all at a very low cost. By having the content in the right language will permit the company to reach its goal and gradually improve its rankings through SEO.

Translation of a blog: the quality of our translation engines

The ATS (Automatic Translation Server) is aimed at companies that require instant translations at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In other words, it is a translation solution designed by AT Language Solutions to translate web content easily and fast. The final quality is optimum, especially when glossaries are applied (glossaries are dictionaries that include special terms for each linguistic speciality).

Tell us your requirements or your aims and AT Language Solutions will offer you the most appropriate solution. What are you waiting for?

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