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International marketing services

What better way to enter 2023 than by presenting our new international digital marketing service? What exactly does this mean? As well as helping you with the linguistics, we will now also help you internationalise your business through international digital marketing!Cool, right?

In this article, we want to explain what this service is all about, and how we can help companies increase their online presence at an international level.  

SEO International = improving organic positioning

What exactly is international SEO? International SEO, also known as multilingual SEO, is a set of techniques that help to optimise the organic positioning of a website. This is done with the aim of identifying the countries to be targeted and the languages to be used in the business. This way, you can increase the chances of potential customers finding you and purchasing your product or service over that of competitors with less visibility.

How can ATLS help to improve the international SEO positioning of a company? By searching for and optimising KW (keywords), writing content (copywriting), exceptionally translating, and using technical SEO and SEO on page, all with the aim of improving performance and website configuration to fit search engines' standards at an international level. In addition, with the international SEO service, we will add links from other top websites in different countries. This contributes to great positioning!

In the end, the formula for success is very simple:


If you expand your business to other countries, you will probably need to create Google Ads campaigns for markets where a different language is spoken. Through our international SEM service, you can maximise your company's online visibility in new international markets, optimise sales and encourage users to buy more. Sounds good, right?

You can also use International Google Ads to reach potential customers from other countries when they are thinking about buying a service or product similar to yours. You can find out how many people see your ads, visit your website or call your company, and you can even use it to reach certain subgroups of people. Once we've discovered what works and what doesn't, we can modify the ads, and try again with the changes to see if they are more effective. To do this, it is vital to consistently monitor and adjust the international SEM campaigns to ensure optimal performance.

Moreover, you only pay if you get results - if no customer clicks on your ads, or no actions are taken, it will not cost you a penny. You choose the budget you wish to invest, so the cost will depend on what you want to achieve with your ads. By using specific keywords and segmenting audiences and advertisements in different languages, we can achieve the greatest possible performance from your advertising campaign, adapting your ads to different cultures and customs and, of course, to your budget.

Localisation of keywords, adverts and target pages

The quality and localisation of ads play a crucial role in adequately reaching the target audience.

What exactly does localisation mean? The term localisation can be defined as "the process of adapting products or services, taking into account the difference between markets". In other words, the process goes beyond pure word-by-word linguistic conversion and seeks to adapt content, making it culturally suitable for a specific market. The result of localisation is that your message is expressed as though it's been done by a person local to the target market.

Our translators not only choose the most relevant keywords in the target market and respect the various keyword matching options, but they are also fully familiar with the optimisation guidelines for Google ads, thereby guaranteeing the success of campaigns. Your future customers' searches will vary depending on the market, country and culture, so Google Ads adverts must be adapted to these differences, and the strategy designed according to the search behaviour of these potential customers. This behaviour will determine how they connect with your brand and it is important that we show them the right content to achieve maximum strategy performance.

International digital marketing consultants

International digital marketing consultancy means that we provide assistance and advice for companies wishing to expand their online presence and their reach at an international level. This may include international SEO strategies, online advertising, content marketing, data analysis and results measurement, among other digital marketing techniques. Via our international digital marketing consultancy service, we can also help companies navigate cultural differences and local regulations in different countries.

Our online consultancy and our digital marketing services can help you to implement your company's digital transformation. It's as easy as working with our international digital marketing agency!

Defining the target audience

Defining the target audience of a digital marketing campaign is essential to ensure that the message and strategies are relevant and effective. Below are some steps we follow to analyse the target and define the buyer:

  • Analysing the demographic: We identify basic characteristics of the target audience, such as gender, age, education, income and geographical location.
  • We understand their needs, their interests and their behaviour: We look at the problems or challenges your target is facing, what interests them and how they interact with products or services similar to yours.
  • We use analysis tools: We collect information on the behaviour of your target audience using tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.
  • We create an ideal customer profile: We use the information collected to create a detailed profile of your ideal customer, including demographic information, needs, interests and objectives.
  • We update and we adapt: As we learn more about your target audience, we update and adapt the ideal customer profile and international marketing strategies.

Sounds good, right?

National and international copywriting services

Copywriting is a marketing and advertising writing technique that focuses on creating written content that is effective and persuasive within a specific cultural and linguistic context. International copywriting is used to create ads, marketing campaigns and content for websites and social networks that target a global audience or a specific language.

International copywriting is different from traditional copywriting, as it focuses on adapting content to different cultures and languages, taking into account differences in communication, tone, style and cultural stereotypes. For example, a television advert in Japan would adopt a style and tone that is completely different from that of a US advert.

International copywriting requires cultural and linguistic knowledge of the target market in order to adapt the content to the different audiences.

Through our copywriting service, we help you create attractive and persuasive content for your website, ads, email marketing campaigns, social networks, landing pages, and much more, and it is always adapted to different languages and cultures. And of course, the international SEO is optimised! It's quite the challenge!

We work with specialised native creators in all languages. professionals specialising in marketing and advertising who will write your content to help you increase profit. This way, you can get ahead of the competition and differentiate your products or services.

Transcreation service

Let's start at the beginning. What is transcreation?

Transcreation is the process of translating creative language, and lies somewhere between translation and copywriting. This specialisation is typically required by marketing departments and communication and advertising agencies. There is an increasing demand by companies to adapt their advertising and marketing campaigns to other markets.

The transcreation process gives the translator more creative license than for a normal translation. The translator should move away from the original text and create content capable of causing the same emotional impact in the target user in his/her mother tongue. This requires a good knowledge of culture as well as a clear understanding of the client's commercial strategy.

You might be thinking, what's the difference between this and copywriting?The biggest difference is that with a copywriting service, a professional creator writes the content from scratch, while adapting it to the target language and country. Instead, transcreation is carried out by a native translator, typically specialising in marketing.

With our transcreation service, our main goal is to adapt your business to the international market, and watch your sales grow. Think globally, act locally. It's the key.

International success is achievable!

If you combine a good international digital marketing strategy with quality translation and localisation, you're on the road to success!

Get in touch if you are interested in growing your business globally.

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