Language targeting your Google Ads will ensure your success

If you want to attract users who speak a different language to you, you need to find an effective way to get your message across. The ads can appear to clients who use Google products and external websites in the languages of the campaign. This ensures that your ads will appear on websites that are written in the language of the clients you want to attract.

AT Language Solutions can translate AdWords campaigns into more than 4,500 languages, thanks to its network of 8,000 professional native translators all over the world, giving companies the opportunity to advertise in different languages and countries. AT Language Solutions selects the most appropriate native translators according to the needs of each project. We provide support at all times, helping our clients to manage their campaign and use SEO tools to their best advantage.

About AT Language Solutions

AT Language Solutions was founded 20 years ago with the aim of integrating multilingualism into the business processes of its clients and collaborating companies, with a view to helping them to communicate more effectively in foreign markets. Thanks to its professionalism and commitment, AT Language Solutions is now a consolidated leader in the translation technology sector.

If you want to launch your business website and increase your visibility with Google SEM, ask us to help you with your Google AdWords campaign! Contact us! Let's work together.

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