I want to translate a CMS, what are the options?

CMS translation options

Is your CMS on WordPress? Or maybe Adobe Experience Manager? Whichever one you use, if you're looking for a quick and efficient way of translating your CMS, this article is here to help. Which best suits your needs?


Let's start from the beginning... What is a CMS?

A CMS (content management system) is an application you use to publish and manage content on your website intuitively. Examples are platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce or AEM, which are probably the most-used CMS right now, as well as Drupal and Joomla. You only need to take a look at the figures to see how CMS are now the most commonly-used tools for web development and publishing. Depending on which CMS you use, you'll also have access to additional features that you can install using plugins or extensions.


What are the differences between a CMS and a traditional website?

A traditional website is made with HTML, which means you not only have to learn this language (which isn't a programming language) but also learn CSS and JavaScript - because these are the ones that'll help you do anything imaginable on a website.

Meanwhile, a CMS lets you set up an overall design (usually a template) for the entire website. Once your template's been designed and configured, all the new pages you create will have this same design, so it saves a huge amount of time when you're publishing new content. This is why an overwhelming majority go for a CMS rather than a site created in pure HTML.


CMS translation options

Let's get to the tricky bit! When you're translating a website developed with a CMS, you have a number of options to choose from.


Translating a WordPress or WooCommerce

If you've decided to translate your WordPress or WooCommerce, you can do it using the most internationally popular plugin: WPML. With both the WPML plugin and AT Language Solutions you can do it quickly and easily. Once you've installed it on your website, all you need to do is activate the AT Language Solutions translation service and send your content to be translated by our professional translators. You can make your website multilingual using this plugin - and you don't even need any technical or programming knowledge.

If you're interested and you'd like to benefit from the most competitive translation rates, you can get the plugin via this link.


Translating an AEM website

Is your website in Adobe Experience Manager? Want to translate it into other languages and go global with your business? BETC connector is your best option for translating an AEM CMS. AT Language Solutions is an Adobe partner, and we're exclusive distributors of this plugin which automates the translation process.

BETC allows you to filter and select content to be translated, send it directly to our team of professional translators, and receive it back through your AEM CMS once it's been translated. It's that easy!


CMS integration

Our translators work with a remote access automated solution (AT-RTS) via a web service, optimising the translation process to the maximum. AT-RTS - AT Language Solutions' API - gives you the power to simplify translation workflows and benefit from ongoing localisation and internationalisation.

You can request translations directly from your CMS (or your DAM or PIM) and there's no need to worry about file formats or tracking different file versions. You’ll receive a quality translation, ready to publish directly on your platform. It's that quick and easy! This API is especially suited to translating content in archives, or external to the CMS.

Software with proxy technology

AT Website Translator is the most automated solution on the market: software with proxy technology that automatically detects content for translation and sends it directly to our professional translators. Once the translation's been completed, AT-WST publishes translated content in all your website's languages, all SEO optimised. It doesn't matter how much content you generate on your website; with AT-WST your website will always be up-to-date and translated into all the languages you need. To translate your CMS, all you need to think about is writing content in just one language!


There are numerous options for translating your CMS, you just need to check which is best suited to your website and your needs. Is it an ecommerce? Static website? Website with very dynamic content? These are the questions that'll determine which is the right CMS translation solution for you.

If you want to translate your CMS professionally and at the highest quality, write to us! We'll take a look at your website and offer you the best option.

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