Is your business ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here! This Friday is a key date which marks the beginning of the most important shopping period of the year: Black Friday. With Christmas just around the corner, and with huge discounts on offer, Black Friday is now one of the most significant days of the year in terms of consumerism, both in Spain and abroad.

In Spain, Black Friday is accompanied by a huge amount of e-commerce. Online stores in the USA started this 'tradition', and online Spanish stores joined in to stay on top of the game. In the end, this led to the globalisation of Black Friday, which is now observed around the world.

How to prepare your e-commerce business for Black Friday

To ensure you're not caught off guard, there are several steps to bear in mind. Do you want to know more?

  • Preparation: prepare in advance and make sure you have sufficient stock.
  • Promotion: have some good offers available and promote the products that you want to increase sales for.
  • Remarketing: reach your potential customers as many times as possible to guarantee sales!

As well as this, prioritise your e-commerce as much as possible!

The importance of translating your e-commerce business

In its latest study, Hexagone, the most important nationwide company offering language solutions to businesses, revealed that 80% of Spanish companies' e-commerce contained major errors in their website translations. Do you know what this means? According to Hexagone, translation errors can even cause a 15% decrease in sales. So, can you imagine what a bad translation could mean on a day like Black Friday?

"For online sales, customer confidence is fundamental. As well as having an impeccable website, which is adapted to devices and SEO-friendly, how you relate to your customer is very important. In this context, language and the way the website communicates with the customer are essential. A website with grammatical errors or mistakes, or simply where product descriptions do not explain the product in question well enough, can cause customers to abandon their decision to purchase. This can be hugely significant for e-commerce", says Gaëlle Schaefer, CEO of Hexagone.

Furthermore, considering that the study conducted by the company also indicated that sales on Spanish websites increase 120% during November and December, wouldn't you want to pay for a good translation of your website? What are you waiting for? Visit our website and discover our services!

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