Which plugin to choose to translate WordPress?

WordPress translation

When translating WordPress or WooCommerce into various languages, there are some questions we should consider before deciding which plugin to choose.

What is the best translation plugin for translating WordPress or WooCommerce?

We can choose free or paid translation options, depending on the characteristics of the website, its needs and our budget. Let's take a look at the most popular plugins among Google users for translating WordPress:

Paid plugins for translating WordPress:

  • WPML: the most convenient option to translate a WordPress site is using the world's most popular plug-in: WPML. With both the WPML plug-in and AT Language Solutions you can translate your WordPress site quickly and easily. Once you've installed it on your website, all you need to do is activate the AT Language Solutions translation service and send your content to be translated by our professional translators. You can make your website multilingual using this plugin - and you don't even need any technical or programming knowledge. If you're interested and you'd like to benefit from the most competitive translation rates, you can get the plug-in via this link.
  • Ajax Translator Revolution: this is a premium plugin that uses the Google machine translator and can translate into more than 60 languages. The plugin installs a bar on top of the website with the languages you want to include. As it is a machine translation, the results will not be perfect, and so manual correction and editing is advisable.

Free translation plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce

  • Polylang: translations are done manually through the site editor. It is one of the best free plugins according to users. It translates content, categories and menus.

Advantages: one of its strengths is the technical support it offers. You can translate posts, pages, categories, widgets, etc. Every page is translated independently, so use of WordPress plugins improves SEO and it also allows you to translate the URL slugs, by folders ( and by directory (

Disadvantages: it does not integrate well with other plugins that you may already have installed.

  • Transposh: enables you to carry out machine translations but with the advantage that you can edit them manually from the public area of your website.

Advantages: it can translate websites into 82 languages and it is compatible with all WordPress plugins.

Disadvantages: its machine translations are not very accurate and require manual correction.

  • GTranslate: this plugin uses Google translation technology. Once installed and set up in the widgets page of your WordPress, it must be added to the sidebar. From there you can translate any page from your website automatically.

Advantages: The plugin has a paid option that allows you to revise translations, translate URLs, etc.

Disadvantages: Bear in mind that the quality of Google translations is not very reliable. Furthermore, the entirety of the content is translated, with no option to pick and choose the text to be translated. It's all or nothing. Which could be very inconvenient!

Why translate WordPress with WPML and ATLS?

  • WPML is the most downloaded plugin for translating WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • An automated process meaning you don't need to extract text to modify it later.
  • The process is very simple.
  • We are a translation company with more than 22 years' experience in the translation sector in general, and 15 years' experience translating WordPress sites.
  • We have professional translators who are native speakers of all languages.
  • We have been awarded the most stringent international quality certification, ISO 17100:2015.

You should always use the services of a translation company for professional translation of a WordPress website or WooCommerce online store, as a poor translation could cause serious damage to your conversion rates. With ATLS (AT Language Solutions), you can translate your WordPress site with WPML and take advantage of our professional translation services. The result? A website with a quality translation into one or several languages - and all with very little effort on your part. With WPML and ATLS, the only thing you need to worry about is selecting the pages on your WordPress site you want to translate. We will receive the order automatically and when the translation is complete, we will send it directly to your WordPress, ready for publication.

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