Reasons why you shouldn't use free machine translations

machine translation

Today's digital age provides extraordinary opportunities for internet users, such as being able to reach everyone in the world without having to move from home, and which, in recent years, has transformed communications. Companies have improved their business by adapting to the digital age and offering websites aimed at the international public. Translation has helped to make this possible, as all companies aiming to expand internationally need their websites translated into several languages. However, this is a highly specialised task. According to a study carried out by Hexagone, translation errors in e-commerce could cause companies to lose up to 15% of sales. What's the secret to having your website translated and customized for your target audience? Reasons why you shouldn't use a free automatic translator to translate your business content? We'll explain in today's post.


Machine translations and literal translation

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about machine translation is Google Translate, followed closely by DeepL, another popular machine translation tool. These two platforms receive millions of visitors every day, as they offer multiple language combinations instantly. However, they are not recommended for translating business content, as they typically offer a literal translation of the terms entered. This can have a detrimental effect, as often these translations have no relation to the original context. It is important to remember that a company website showcases a brand's personality and the quality of the translation reflects the professionalism of the company.


Machines can help, but they don't do all the work

One problem arising with online translators is that the tool is often inaccurate with synonyms and it chooses the translation without taking into account the context. Neural machine translation, which was developed some years ago, is capable of associating terms that have more than one meaning, and can choose the appropriate translation according to the requirements of the sector and the company. This process is achieved through the integration of millions of data into the system and with the help of a linguist who constantly checks that the network chooses the appropriate term. Technology and the human factor complement each other and a combination of both are necessary to ensure a quality translation. An online translating tool will never provide this solution because it only uses technology.


Transcreation gives added value

Culture is essential in all countries. Many values and traditions are passed on down from generation to generation and can only be adapted to another language through transcreation. Depending on the content of a brand and the language into which it is translated, the translation must be adjusted to convey the same message, and also be appropriate for the target culture. For optimum results, a specialised translator is needed, who understands the values and mission of the brand and who also knows how to recreate them effectively in another language. A free online translator will never be capable of delivering such an accurate or high quality translation.


If you want the best translation for your website, put it into the hands of a translation agency. Our goal is to achieve high-quality results thanks to our expert translators and our own specialist technology. Write to us and tell us what you need! We will be happy to advise you, under no-obligation, on the best solution for your case.


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